Adri Jo Photo

6 Month Baby Pictures - Boise, ID Children's Photographer

Like all of my baby and newborn sessions, this photo shoot was done in the comfort of my client's home. I know the parents appreciated it. The process convenient and comfortable. There is no rush. We have fun, relax, and get great studio-quality photos right there!
This is one of the cutest babies I've ever seen. His eyes are so big and eager to see everything. He was a great little sitter too! Little baby {L} did such a great job during the photo session. Its always a new experience to have me up in your face to get those perfect expressions, and he handled it beautifully!

We got A LOT of really great portraits of baby L, but here is just a highlight for you. Please feel free to browse and see more of my work.

Click here to see his Newborn Portraits.


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