Adri Jo Photo

Here is my big family. I guess I can take a picture and be in it too :-) Woop!
Love lasts a lifetime
The sun is gorgeous in this photo - but no prettier than these two lovely ladies.
Yes - they actually jumped in the pool in their wedding clothes. They're the best!
Truly a happy couple. I enjoy the colors in this image. So vibrant and full of summer love.
The KNOT has officially been tied
What a sweet look - Thats a moment to remember!
Handsome couple - thats for sure!
She's got personality!
Sweet little mommy-daughter moment
He goes and goes and goes! Little energizer battery boy. Love him!
These lovely twins are now 80 years young!
This little boy is not so little anymore. He looks like a beach bum - bleach blonde hair and dark arms and legs. Lucky boy!
He's the sweetest little 18 month old.
Summer has treated these kids SO well. Tan arms and hair getting lighter every day.
When did she turn 4? Oh yeah, it happened in the blink of an eye. So did that haircut!
Look at this big boy showing off his muscles!