Adri Jo Photo

Session Details

Peruse my website and make sure that I am the right photographer for you! Prior to your
session, we will have a friendly consultation to discuss ideas and plan
your photo shoot. I want us to get aquainted and make sure we are a good fit. Also, we will
 talk about the process and timing of the session. The session will be fun and your pictures
will look amazing. You just need to show up and I will do the rest. Don't worry about a thing!
Be yourself, be comfortable, be natural!

Natural Light

I shoot my photos on location using natural light - that's the sun baby! Its the most flattering
and natural look. I love it.


I want to give you VARIETY. Smiles, serious, candid, and everything in between.
Depending on your personality & the loccation, we will decide on a certain 'feel'
or 'style' you want for your photos. For example: classy, traditional, candid, retro,
and modern (your clothing and location will also factor in here). For families and
couples, I want to not only capture your faces...but catpure your relationship. Its the
look in your eyes, and tilt of your heads that show the *love*.


Its best to schedule these sessions while you are still pregnant. However, if your bundle of
joy has already or email me immediately! . Ideally, the newborn session
will take place within the first 1-2 weeks of life. Parents should have their newborn in 1
outfit when we start the photo session. Then, we can do some pictures without clothes.
Babies can get fussy when messing with their clothes, so its best to keep clothing changes
to a minimum. The baby certainly runs the show on this one, we will take it slow and be
very patient with sleeping babies to get the most peaceful and calm results. If you have and
special requests or poses that you want to do with your newborn, please discuss these requests
with me prior to the session.

Children, Teens:
Wear what you feel comfortable in. The best pictures will capture you - just the way
you are! If you always wear jeans, wear your favorite ones to the photo session!
If you can't survive without those sunglasses or cap, bring them along. Bring extra
changes of clothes, shoes, accessories, etc... When we get in the groove of the session,
its best to wear clothes that fit your mood so you'll feel confident and comfortable.

High School Seniors
If you are part of a club or team, bring your uniform or club jacket. Do you play the guitar?
Bring it! Do you love soccer, football, basketball, volleyball, baseball? Bring your ball! Bring it all!
This photo shoot will capture YOU and all of  the things that will remind you of this time in your life.

Want to color coordinate? Go right ahead!
MOST importantly, your kids should be comfortable! If your children loath long sleeve
shirts, then let them wear short sleeves. My photo session will capture the feelings and
emotions of your family just as much as the make sure the kiddies are happy
with that they have on. We can discuss specific clothing/color combinations for your family
over the phone or in person prior to the photo session.

I do not offer any boudoir or provocative photography sessions.  All of our photographs will
be family-friendly for all ages to view.