Adri Jo Photo

The best thing to do with a newborn is snuggle those little cheeks until they disappear--aka when they hit 1st grade. Best of luck to all t...
When babies smile its the sweetest thing ever. They have so much to smile about and they don't even know it. This baby especially has s...
This little one fits inside her daddy's glove. That seems like a dream come true! The Perfect Catch!
Oh my sweet friend and their love of baseball! Their baby actually fits in a glove---a little 5 pounder babe is so tiny!
Oh this darling babe--lets snuggle all day please.
I love the newborn stage. Is it obvious? This little baby stretch was a fun thing to capture. So precious. 
This is me and my little baby. In. The. Hospital. I set everything up, set the camera how I wanted it, and then I had my husband take the p...
Little babies with hair are so lucky! This little boy is lucky in so many ways....having the three coolest older siblings is just a start.
The only thing more precious than this baby is the gold embellished swaddle blanket. Baby stuff is SO much cuter than it was years ago, a...
Hello little miss sleepy pie! Can you share some of those Zzzz's with the rest of us? :-)
Yay for little things like baby YAWNS! Baby hungry? Absolutely!
Oh this family loves their John Deere's! Welcome little hay bale to the stack!
Oh those wrinkly baby feet are just divine in my eyes.
Yay for this DARLING baby to join one of the sweetest families I know. Enjoy the photos!