Adri Jo Photo

About Me

Hi, I'm Adri. I'm glad you want to know a little about me!
Here is my family blog .You're welcome to skip on over there and see what we're up to.
(Updating the blog is hit-and-miss. More miss than anything else. Oops!)
I also teach piano lessons! Here is my website for Adri Jo Piano to find out more about that.

I'm married to my soul mate (Mr. Johnson), and we have some cute kiddos. Seriously, they
are the cutest little munchkins.  I love to cook, go on bike rides, play with the kids, make crafts,
sew, read books, and surf Pinterest (who doesn't love GoodReads and Pinterest, right?)

When I am not busy being a photographer....I get to be a whole slew of wonderful things:
wife, mommy, daughter, sister, makeup artist, short order chef, crafter, maid, visiting teacher, pianist and organist,
babysitter, seamstress, piano teacher, neighbor and friend. :-)

Thanks for visiting my blog. Stick around and enjoy a peek into my latest photography sessions.