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Formal is the new Grunge {Highschool Homecoming Pictures}

Casual, and sometimes grungy, is the new trendy craze. But I love how these two *yay-hooties* got all dressed up for this photo session. They look classy, glamorous, and sizzlin' hot! Don't you think? They are all ready to go to the high school homecoming dance. Oh yeah! This session shows formal dance pictures taken to the next level. THANK YOU for letting me be part of your special and elegant evening.
My dance pictures were taken on my front porch before leaving the house, or those cheesy ones offered at the dance surrounded by bright colored balloons and gossamer. Can you say "tacky!"? I'm SOOO jealous of these two for truly savoring the memory of their formal dance with some professional portraits.

P.S. 'Yay-hooties' is a nickname from my dad. All kids between middle school and high school fall into the 'yay-hootie' category. I love that nickname, and it suits these teens perfectly. :-) Thanks Dad for the super fun vocabulary!

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Kay said...

You are an amazing photographer. Sooooo creative!!!! I don't know how you think of all these great ideas. Do you ever sleep???