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Jim & Betty - 42nd Anniversary {Zion Canyon Portrait Photography}

These beautiful portraits set in the outskirts of Zion Canyon are sweet enough to be engagement photos. Lo and behold....they have been married for 42 years! Introducing my wonderful parents Jim and Betty Ford. It was such a pleasure to work with them on a professional level. They knelt, leaned, turned, and tilted on command. What great clients they turned out to be.
I really like the aged and faded photos here in the begining of the post.
Which is your favorite photo?
People always tell me I look exactly like my mom. I'm so honored to look like her! Oh, and I'm thrilled that my adorable son inherited my dad's blue eyes :-)
Love you both so much,
Can't wait to visit them again down in St. George, UT.

{Check out their custom photo delivery disc by clicking HERE}


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