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Beauty Queen Bride - St George Utah Photographer

The new Mrs {I} is so beautiful! What a lucky photographer I was to take her bridal pictures. This was my fifth or sixth photo session for Mrs {I}. I've done her family pictures several times - and her children on many occasions and mile stones.
Well, back to the bridal session.... Doesn't she have the coolest hair ever? And eyes? And lips? And skin? And smile? And dress? And body to put in the dress? And, and, and, etc, etc, etc. She was so sweet during the session too! She is always so fun and sweet.  My favorite pictures of this session are the ones of both the bride and groom. They were having such a great time--laughing, posing, kissing, and even primping in the mirror!  The spark between them was so bright I could see it (and hear, and smell, and taste it too....well not really, but almost!)

She chose an inspiring location in Southern Utah for the session- a true mansion! I'd love to
take all photo sessions there. :-)  Acres and acres of beauty, landscape, architecture, and design.

Enjoy these pictures,
Love to all,
and until next time...
Adri Jo

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