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Pinto Fun - 2009

I love Pinto!
There's a feeling, a spirit, a joy about Pinto
...and especially about the Pinto House.
This year at Pinto was especially fun. We had probably 99% of the family attend. I think only those who are on missions or living out of the continental US were absent. What a fun time we had! I had my camera for only a portion of the weekend (Sunday afternoon and Monday). I wish I had it the whole time, there are so many fun events and memories that I want to capture!

Look at all these cutie kiddies!

Its hard to go to settle down in the evening when you're having so much fun!

Noah is the happiest little boy I know. Look at that smile!
Paul caught a BIG FISH! Way to go!

Here's the whole group!!

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The Daley Fam said...

I LOVE these pictures. Oh my goodness, they are so priceless! You got so many good ones of the little kids. Pinto is the best! I hope you don't mind I'm going to steel that group picture, because I didn't take one stinking picture the whole time!