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Dylan & Kelsey Wedding - East Idaho Photographer - Adri Jo Photo

Dylan and Kelsey are the cutest couple! Their wedding ceremony was so sweet, and their love shines through their faces. I LOVED her wedding style. It was elegant with a hint of 'vintage'. Oh, it was pretty! Kelsey's hair style is darling. Wow - I was loving this wedding so much. Congrats you two!
The Historic Shelton Wedding Chapel is an amazing place. The interior is beautiful and I especially love the gardens and landscape outside. Its absolutely gorgeous! See for yourself...

P.S. We were able to miss the storm by a matter of minutes. It was POURING rain at the end of the bridal session, cutting it a tad short. But oh man, you would never be able to tell a storm was brewing outside, because the pictures look fantastic :-) gotta love the weather! hehe

(As always...I will share a few of my favorites. But there are OH SO MANY...its hard to choose!)



Grandma Betty said...

They look awesome! Everything looks so sharp and great light and color

Grandma Betty said...

What a cute couple! I love the bride! She is so beautiful and her dress and hair is too. Love the setting also! What a great time